Data Science in Domains: Interaction of Physical, Social, and Institutional Systems
As we contemplate the preparation of the future data science learner, I want to highlight a core principle of IDSS and how it affected our decision to set up two of our flagship graduate education programs.

Building a resilient, carbon-neutral electric grid requires energy 'superhighways'
Today’s electric grid infrastructure is just not ready for the scale and speed of energy portfolio transformation being envisioned.

Making Data- Informed Covid-19 Testing Plans
Implementing testing within an organization raises a number of questions. Who should be tested? How often? How do other mitigation efforts impact testing need? How much will it all cost?

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Impacts of COVID-19 interventions: Health, Economics and Inequality
Meng X.F, Jones D. Rigobon R. M.A Dahleh, Submitted 2022.

An Efficient and Incentive-Compatible Mechanism for Energy Storage Markets
Satchidanandan B., Dahleh M.A. Published in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Vol 13, pp 2245-2258, 2022.

An Online Learning Framework for Targeting Demand Response Customers
Schneider I. Roozbehani M., Dahleh M.A. Published in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2022.

Deterministic policy gradient algorithms for semi-Markov decision processes
Hosseinloo A.H., Dahleh M.A. Accepted for publication to the International Journal of Intelligent Systems, 2021. 

Causal Matrix Completion
Agarwal A., Dahleh M.A., Shah D., Shen D;  Submitted for publication, 2021. 

Eliciting Social Knowledge for Creditworthiness Assessment
York M., Dahleh M.A., Parkes D.C; WINE 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 13112. Springer. 

Selling Information in Competitive Environments
Bonatti A., Dahleh M.A., Horel T., Nouripour A.; 2021. 

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The Munther Dahleh Research Group works in the general area of “Decisions Under Uncertainty”.

The group addresses foundational issues in terms of fundamental limits and capabilities of real-time decision-making under uncertainty, societal challenges in specific domains such as finance, transportation, power grid and digital platforms, and translation challenges by working directly with stakeholders.

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