Marie-Laure Charpignon

Graduate Student

Marie-Laure Charpignon is a PhD student at the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS), conducting research at the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) and the Harvard-MIT Department of Health, Sciences, and Technology (HST). She is co-advised by Dr. Leo Celi (Harvard-MIT) and Dr. Maimuna Majumder (Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital).

Her research interests include causal inference, agent-based modeling, and text analysis, with applications in public health. Her focus is on the development of competing risk causal inference approaches to emulate target clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease, using observational data from Electronic Health Records in the US and UK.

Previously, Marie-Laure obtained a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Sciences from Ecole Centrale Paris and a master’s degree in Computational and Mathematical Engineering from Stanford University. She worked for two years as a data scientist at Microsoft, where she analyzed the impact of school-based technology usage and digital collaboration on students’ outcomes and socio-emotional learning, in the presence of interference. Her internship experiences include Goldman Sachs, the European Commission, Microsoft Research, and INSERM-INRIA

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