Bernardo Garcia Bulle Bueno

Graduate Student

Bernardo is a PhD Student in IDSS. He has a BA in Economics and a MsC in Computer Science from ITAM University in Mexico. After co-founding a start-up that uses psychometric data for decision making in schools (Psicometrix), and working with the Colombian government on poverty estimation under the supervision of Alejandro Noriega. His previous research includes applied Econometrics under Enrique Seira, on projects aiming to elicit causality through RD and IV methods.Research with  Alejandro Noriega, under the supervision of Sandy Pentland  in algorithmic fairness, and contributed to the presentation of active fairness, a  novel methodology to ensure criteria of algorithmic fairness under constrained resources.

As a PhD student, his research is focused on using statistics to understand world phenomena and in some cases design solutions. He is co-advised by professors Peko Hosoi, Munther Dahleh, and Sandy Pentland.  Some projects Bernardo has worked on as a PhD student are: estimating the distance flown by male bees for mating and estimating the effects of lack of food availability on the healthiness of food consumption. Currently he is  working on a project to understand drivers of technology adoption in agriculture, with the ultimate goal of setting up a data-sharing platform for agriculture which can help farmers reduce risk when adopting new technologies. His contributions to these projects take methods from statistical inference and econometrics and is detailed on different publications.  

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