Control of Uncertain Systems: A Linear Programming Approach

Cover of Control of Uncertain Systems

M.A. Dahleh and I. Diaz-Bobillo.
Prentice-Hall, 1995.

In tackling the problem of robust controller design from a unique perspective, this volume brings together three branches of mathematics: operator theory, optimization theory, and algebraic theory of rational matrix functions. Together, these techniques enable readers to capture the fundamental limitations of design in a quantitative way, and provide computable methods for analysis and synthesis of control systems. Content is presented rigorously — with intuitive explanations of the results and examples that highlight the utility of those results.


  • Formulates general design problems that involve time-domain specification, and bounded, but persistent, disturbances.
  • Surveys the background, problem definitions and set-up, parametrization of controllers and closed loop maps, and a general robustness set-up, all for MIMIO systems.
  • Presents a very powerful theory in optimization — duality theory.
  • Explains the detailed solution for the controller synthesis problem.
  • Includes many examples for engineers involved in robust controller design.

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