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Andreas Haupt

Graduate Student

Andreas Haupt is a graduate student at the Institute for Data, Systems and Society at MIT and co-advised by Munzer Dahleh and Alessandro Bonatti. 
His research interests are in:

(1) is interested in how to use information about algorithms deployed in strategic environments to induce better social outcomes (the role of communication and complexity in market design). 

(2) to construct algorithms to allocate information more efficiently (data pricing, systems for federated machine learning) .

(3) statistical learning techniques to support (2) (matrix estimation, high-dimensional econometrics).
Prior to coming to MIT, he worked as an educational consultant and assistant teacher in Germany as corps member of Teach First Deutschland. He received a BS and MS in Mathematics, as well as a MS in Economics from the University of Bonn, Germany, as well as a BS in Computer Science from the University of Frankfurt, Germany.

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